Ep3 My debut novel OUTRIDER, with Nick Iadanza

Literary Mastermind and Survivor Extraordinaire Nick Iadanza @nickidanza and I sit down and discuss my debut novel OUTRIDER.

Nick is a Year 12 teacher at a top private school in Adelaide and is a fantastic presenter who had read the book in advance.

In this podcast we break down:

0:01: Nick offers his perspective on OUTRIDER

1:10: Story summary

3:45: Story origins 

5:49: Writing Process

8:15: Tips for writers 

11:00: Fiction writing process, story-telling conventions 

 16:00: Modern Warfare & Technology 

18:15: Themes 

22:25: Characters (Nic referred to ‘Jess’: I had my wires crossed and was describing ‘Constance.’)

32:00: Parallels to deployments and combat

34:45: The Hill: setting of the Dandenong ranges

39:00: Character – Dyson

41:40: Impact on veterans, life after the military

46:00: Details on Survivor – Life in the SAS, a non-fiction memoir

48:30: FURIOSA: A Mad Max Saga. Talks with director George Miller, and auditions

53:00 Survivor: TV Series

55:30: Quick 5 questions: OUTRIDER, Writing & Survivor

OUTRIDER is now available at all good book stores near you. Or, grab your copy at: https://www.panmacmillan.com.au/9781761264962/